Beamless Boat Lift

The Boatlift, U.S. BEAMLESS boat lift is available in 6,000lb., 8,000lb., 10,000lb., and 13,000lb. weight capacities, featuring our 4-motor drive system. The BLUS BEAMLESS boat lifts come standard with: 6061-T6 Aluminum & Stainless Construction, Painted Motors, Stainless Drive-pipes, GEM 4-motor Remote Control, No-Float Aluminum Bunks, Bronze Bushings and our special 4-Bolt Cross-Pattern Mounting Plates and a beautiful white Powder-Coated Finish! Free upgrades and best of all it's a Boat Lift, U.S.! No submerged cables, unique to Boat Lift U.S., means that cables stay free from corrosion or particle build up.



Boat LiftBeamless boat lift installed


Boat LiftCloseup of an installed beamless boat lift


Boat LiftBeamless Installation view from a distance