Beamless Boat Lift

The Boatlift, U.S. BEAMLESS boat lift is available in 6,000lb., 8,000lb., 10,000lb., and 13,000lb. weight capacities, featuring our 4-motor drive system. The BLUS BEAMLESS boat lifts come standard with: 6061-T6 Aluminum & Stainless Construction, Painted Motors, Stainless Drive-pipes, GEM 4-motor Remote Control, No-Float Aluminum Bunks, Bronze Bushings and our special 4-Bolt Cross-Pattern Mounting Plates and a beautiful white Powder-Coated Finish! Free upgrades and best of all it's a Boat Lift, U.S.! No submerged cables, unique to Boat Lift U.S., means that cables stay free from corrosion or particle build up.


6K-4p Lift $6,025.00

8K-4p Lift $6,215.00

10K-4p Lift $6,315.00

13K-4p Lift $7,395.00


Boat LiftBeamless boat lift installed


Boat LiftCloseup of an installed beamless boat lift


Boat LiftBeamless Installation view from a distance