Boat Lift Parts and Supplies

Here are some of the boat lift parts and options that we offer:

  • Electrical Cable
  • Aluminum Bunks
  • Aluminum Cradle Kits
  • Stainless Cables (Wire Rope)
  • Switches
  • Stainless Motors from 3/4 HP to 1 1/2 HP
  • Aluminum Side Mount Brackets

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Product Photo   Description
PWC Lifts  

Aluminum Bunks

  • Aluminum Bunks complete with hardware
  • Available in 11'-12'-14' and 16'
  • Extruded Aluminum with vinyl pad covering
  • Also available in 16'-18' HD


Aluminum Cradle Kits

  • Available in all Boat Lift U.S. Inc.® boat lift sizes
  • Complete with Aluminum Bunks, guide posts, pvc, brackets & hardware (cables not included)

PWC Lifts  

Aluminum Catamaran/Pontoon Bunks

These specialty bunks are designed to work with both catamaran and pontoon boats. These bunks allow for a greater ease of loading and unloading the boat lift. Check with Pontoon Manufacturer.

PWC Lifts  

Complete Guide Post Assembly

  • 1 - Guide Post Bracket
  • 2 - Stainless Steel J-bolts
  • 1 - 4' Aluminum Guide Post
  • 1 - 2" x 80" PVC Guide Pipe
  • 1 - 2" PVC Cap

Boat Lift Parts  

1/4" Stainless Steel Cable (Wire Rope)

  • Stainless steel cable (wire rope) for boatlifts and boathouse lifts
  • Sold by the foot

PWC Lifts  

5/16" Stainless Steel Cable (Wire Rope)

  • Stainless steel cable (wire rope) for boatlifts and boathouse lifts
  • Sold by the foot


Salzer Drum Switch

  • Maintain and Spring Switch available for your Boat Lift Motor, Water Resistant


Sheave Housing Assembly

  • Easily adaptable
  • Rugged, one-piece design
  • Extra heavy walls for axle bolt
  • Included are: Housing, 4" Aluminum Sheave, ¾" x 4" Stainless Steel Axle Bolt, 2" Spacers and Spacer Bolt


Heavy-Duty Cable Lock

Our heavy-duty cable lock incorporates an exclusive design, top features include:

  • Easy to adjust cables
  • Double locking wedge design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Machined exterior and interior

This cable lock features an easily adjustable system. No bolts need to be removed to make changes in length.


Piling Mount Brackets

  • All Aluminum
  • Easy Installation
  • UV-Protected Edges
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Easily Adjustable

PWC Lifts  

Aluminum Side Mounting Bracket

Boat Lift Parts  

Stainless Steel Motors

  • Rust-prohibitive design
  • Attractive mirror finish
  • Ideal for saltwater locations
  • C Face Stainless Steel casing and shaft